(Not Frequently Asked)


For the things you inevitably want to ask that aren't related to the dolls

About the website owner:

Q: Who are you?

A: A person

Q: No really, who are you?

A: Like I said, a person...probably.

Q: What is this site and why did you make it?

A: A personal project I made to show off some of the more anecdotal characteristics of the dolls featured herein sourced from random conversations I have with others, as well as show random photos that I don't think are good enough to go elsewhere. Perhaps also other doll-related projects eventually as well.

Q: Dolls N' Doughnuts?

A: Pretty easy really, there are Dolls here, and some Dolls like Doughnuts. Plus it sounds good.

Q: What role do you take in this site?

A: Aside from being the maintainer/photographer of this website, I also moderate any discussions you have with the girls.

Q: Are you that bored to be doing stuff like writing down discussion-like characterizations for your dolls?

A: Frequently. Though the discussion part was born out of the fact that I keep having random anecdotal discussions with people about some of the things the dolls might say or do, and thought it might be nice to have a place that can better record those characterizations. Its good for the imagination too, excercising one's imagination is never a bad thing. And also you're probably equally bored for reading all of these FAQ answers, so you can't really judge.

Q: You seem like a jerk.

A: No, I just don't have a high tolerance for stupid people.

About the dolls:

Q: Do you only have Dollfie Dreams?

A: Pretty much. Never liked how resin BJDs or 'Smart' (I really hate that term) Dolls looked. I like my Anime style, OK?

Q: How did you find out about Dollfie Dreams in the first place anyway?

A: Long story, I'll fill it in later (assuming I remember, its not that exciting, really its not).

Q: Are you rich? Dollfie Dreams cost a lot, and you have...21.

A: Not particularly, though I'd never go into debt for a hobby. But this is pretty much the only main hobby I spend any money on. Travel doesnt really count when you can only have one major trip a year...

Q: Do you always travel with a doll?

A: Ideally the answer would be yes, but I'm not (completely) stupid (yet). There are definitely places I wouldn't bring a doll, let alone an expensive camera even.

Q: Where have you travelled (with or without a doll)?

A: A lot of places. I'll write in a list sometime (again, assuming I remember).

Q: Where do you get all the outfits and stuff for your dolls?

A: Many many places, if you want to know something specific, ask the girl in question who has it.

Q: Can I buy your dolls from you?

A: No. Fuck off. They are NOT For Sale. (And I've heard of people randomly asking others like that too, so I'm pre-answering your question, excuse the harsh language (though I make no apologies), but there IS such a thing as a stupid question)

If however, you want help to make something similar, I'm perfectly fine with helping you do that, as I don't care if you attempt to copy my girls (despite the opinions of other people you may find in this community).

About the techy bits:

Q: What is this website built with?

A: I used Nanoc, a static (as in no server-side scripting like PHP or Databases, not as in frizzy hair) website generator. It was alright to use it to build this site, although I also had to learn rudimentary Ruby. Pretty sure I don't like Ruby after this. Theres also some Javascript around here too.

Q: How many people did you annoy in the making of this website?

A: So far? At least 3

Q: What do you use to take the photos on this site?

A: Mainly a DSLR, but occasionally with a phone camera.

Primary Photographic Equipment:

  • Nikon D500 DSLR
  • Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1.8
  • Nikon Nikkor 35mm f/1.8
  • Nikon Nikkor 10-24mm f/3.5-5.6
  • Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro
  • Yongnuo YN-560III Flashes with YN-560-TX Transmitter
Phone Cameras:
  • Google Nexus 5
  • iPhone 5

Q: Your photos suck! Especially considering all the camera junk you have!

A: While I don't know why you're on this site if you think the photos suck, I don't profess to be the best photographer around. For the most part I think my photos are good from a technical perspective, but boring. Trying to work on that. And bullshitting in Photoshop, I don't have enough of that in my photos either; WYSIWYG for the most part.

About the person who feels to need to ask more questions:

Q: I have another question you didn't answer here, how do I ask?

A: Click the button below, though no guarantee I'll actually answer, particularly if you ask something retarded, which is likely as this is the internet, and everyone's IQ level drops several points while on it. But you can still try anyway. Make sure you use a real email to send with. NOT THE DEFAULT MAIL APP! The button just fills in an email form, it still relies on you having an actual email to send with!